The Royal Meath Bar in Navan has been in the Geraghty family for the best part of 50 years.  When Pat and Kay took the pub over in the ‘60s, they made a decision to maintain its existing name, affectionately known by locals as the Royal.

Good Clientele

The pub has always attracted a good clientele. When Kay was at the helm at the Royal Meath, she ran a tight ship making sure that patrons were well behaved. It wasn’t unusual for her to threaten to use a wooden spoon when customers got a bit out of hand or allowed their enthusiasm to run amok.

Swear Box

To keep the conversation clean and above board, Kay had a swear box.  On one occasion, two of the regulars came into the bar, put a fiver on the counter, called Kay over and told her they were paying in advance so that they could curse and swear to their heart’s content, for the rest of the night.

The Royal Meath has it All

Here at the Royal Meath, we run the kind of pub that people in most places, can only dream about; welcoming staff, banter and craic, a well-stocked bar that caters to the needs of a wide and diverse range of customers, great lighting, a roaring fire in winter, good atmosphere and ambience, and now a delicious menu to cater for everyone’s tastes.